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There are several reasons why a corporate organization may benefit from using a travel agent or a corporate travel manager.

First and foremost, a travel agent can help a company save time and money by arranging travel accommodations and transportation for employees. This can be especially useful for large organizations that have to coordinate travel for a large number of employees.

 Additionally, a travel agent can provide valuable expertise and advice on the best travel options for a given situation, which can help ensure that employees are able to travel safely and efficiently. Finally, using a travel agent can help a company streamline its travel processes, which can improve overall efficiency and productivity.

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We provide travel solutions that are comfortable for everyone - including your company's bottom line.

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We, at Go Beyond Borders, believe that Corporate Travel offers more than just accommodation and a flight ticket to the conference, meeting or site check. Corporate travel done right, allows you the opportunity to enrich your employees via experience- creating a broader spectrum for solutions, innovation and ultimately growth. Taking your company one step further into the future. 

Having a travel partner that both understands, and is able to support your company needs ,and vision is an important (and often overlooked) asset.

We at Go Beyond Borders, build and maintain lasting relationships with clients and key stake holders. Allowing us fluidity in certain bookings, and country specific expertise – which is rare to find in many other agencies. 

We are able to provide you with a boutique styled approach to meet your travel needs. This means a  dedicated travel agent, for bespoke travel, as well as finding the best travel deals to meet your company needs (and bottom-line). As part of the Legion Group of companies, we meet all the necessary requirements (accreditations, certifications and body registrations)  for Parastatal, Larger Corporates and Medium Enterprises and take a special pleasure in assisting Start-ups, SME’s.



Business Travel:

We pride ourselves on providing business travel solutions that are comfortable for both company and traveler. Our experienced travel managers will get to know your business and travel patterns so we can provide a complete end-to-end travel service. Our local and international affiliations, dedicated and personable staff, cost effective travel deals and end-to-end  travel service has allowed us to become one of the most referred agencies in Durban. 



Employee Relocation:

We have worked extensively within the employment market, and are able to accommodate the relocation of employees, Visa’s and Accommodation within Africa as well as Globally.

Due to our experience in this field and well as country representatives, we are able to navigate through multiple country’s regulations with regard to Travel, Accommodation and Work Permits.


We look forward to becoming your travel partner of choice. Contact us now ! We would love to hear how we can assist you.



Customized Travel

We provide bespoke travel solutions utilising our global travel partners.

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We have a 95% satisfaction rating and go above and beyond for our clients.


We provide support to our clients throughout the travel process.

 What is a Corporate Travel Manager?

A corporate travel manager is a professional who is responsible for overseeing and coordinating travel arrangements for a company or organization. This may include arranging transportation, booking hotels and other accommodations, and organizing events and activities related to business travel. 

Corporate travel managers typically work closely with employees, vendors, and other stakeholders to ensure that all travel needs are met in a timely and cost-effective manner. They may also be responsible for developing and implementing policies and procedures related to business travel, as well as tracking and reporting on travel expenses and budgets. 

In short, a corporate travel manager is a key point of contact for all aspects of business travel within an organization.



What is the difference between a Travel Agent and a Corporate Travel Manager?

A corporate travel manager is a professional who is responsible for overseeing and coordinating business travel for a company or organization. This may include arranging transportation and accommodations, as well as organizing events and activities related to business travel.

A travel agent, on the other hand, is a professional who helps individuals and organizations plan and book their travel accommodations and transportation.

While a corporate travel manager is responsible for managing the travel needs of a single company, a travel agent may work with many different clients.

Additionally, a corporate travel manager is typically employed by the company they are working for, whereas a travel agent may be self-employed or work for a travel agency.

In short, the main difference between a corporate travel manager and a travel agent is the scope of their responsibilities and the type of clients they work with.

We at Go Beyond Borders Africa, we operate as both a Travel Agent as well as a Corporate Travel Manager

Corporate Travel Agency Durban

Corporate travel management is a complex and multifaceted process that involves many different steps and activities, and the specific details of this process can vary depending on the specific needs and requirements of an organization. In general, however, the corporate travel management process may include the following steps:

  1. Planning and budgeting: This involves developing a plan for business travel and setting aside a budget to cover the costs of transportation, accommodations, and other expenses.

  2. Requesting and approving travel: Employees who need to travel for business purposes will typically need to submit a request to their manager or a designated travel coordinator, who will review the request and approve it if it meets the necessary criteria.

  3. Booking travel arrangements: Once a travel request has been approved, the corporate travel manager or a designated travel agent will arrange all necessary travel accommodations and transportation.

  4. Coordinating itineraries: The corporate travel manager or travel agent will then work with the employee to develop a detailed itinerary for the trip, including any necessary flights, hotel bookings, and other arrangements.

  5. Providing support and assistance: The corporate travel manager or travel agent will be available to provide support and assistance to employees who are traveling for business, including answering any questions or addressing any issues that may arise.

  6. Tracking and reporting on expenses: Finally, the corporate travel manager will be responsible for tracking and reporting on all business travel expenses, including transportation, accommodations, and other costs. This will help the organization to monitor and manage its travel budget effectively.

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Corporate Travel Management –  Top 10 List


Top 10 reasons to hire a Corporate Travel Manager – such as our team at Go Beyond Borders Africa
  1. A corporate travel manager can help your company save money on travel expenses.
  2. Negotiate better rates with hotels and airlines.
  3. They have the knowledge and expertise to plan and book efficient and cost-effective itineraries.
  4. They are able to provide valuable support and assistance to employees who are traveling for business.
  5. A corporate travel management company such as us, at Go Beyond Borders, can help your company comply with travel policies and regulations.
  6. A corporate travel management company can help you track and manage travel expenses and budgets.
  7. Plan and book group travel, such as conferences and meetings.
  8. Provide valuable insights and advice on destinations and travel options.
  9. Identify and take advantage of loyalty programs and rewards.
  10. Finally, We, a corporate travel management company (and Travel agency) are able to help your company provide a high level of service and support to employees who are traveling for business.
Top 10 things to pack when travelling for business
  1. A well-organized suitcase or travel bag.
  2. Comfortable and professional clothing for meetings and events.
  3. Necessary toiletries and personal care items.
  4. Any necessary medications or medical supplies.
  5. Important documents, such as a passport, visa, and itinerary.
  6. Electronics, such as a laptop, phone, and charger.
  7. An adapter and converter for foreign outlets.
  8. A small bag or backpack for daily essentials.
  9. Snacks and water to stay hydrated and energized during travel.
  10. A good book or entertainment options for downtime.


Top 10 things to make the most of traveling for business
  1. Plan ahead and research your destination to make the most of your trip.
  2. Stay organized and keep track of your itinerary, travel documents, and expenses.
  3. Take time to explore and try new things, such as local cuisine and attractions.
  4. Stay connected with friends and family back home using technology.
  5. Stay healthy by staying hydrated, exercising, and getting enough sleep.
  6. Take advantage of loyalty programs and rewards to save money and get perks.
  7. Use the time on flights and trains to catch up on work or relax.
  8. Be open to new experiences and opportunities that come your way.
  9. Take time to reflect and recharge, both mentally and physically.
  10. Keep a positive attitude and focus on the benefits of business travel.

BONUS: Extend your travel to neighbouring cities or countries- we are here to assist in additional bookings that can be done and billed to you, instead of your company. As we are a travel agency as well- we have exceptional rates and relationships with both airlines, accommodation establishments and tour operators.

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